Au pair life: attend a candy picnic!

August 4, 2015

There are certain experiences in this world that are unique to being an au pair, and an international candy picnic is definitely one of those experiences! A candy picnic is exactly what you might think it is: a picnic that features candy versus the traditional sandwich/salad/cookie combo. While most other picnics occur on a grassy lawn outside on a beautiful day, candy picnics happen in the au pair lounge at Cultural Care’s Au Pair Training School. And they happen once a week—the afternoon of the first day of classes at the school.

Au Pair Training School Director Lizzie Guerra says, “Au pairs are told to bring their favorite candies from their home country to share with their roommates, classmates, and new friends. And they bring all sorts of different sweets—or in the case of some of our European countries—salties!”


Candy picnics can be super-organized…


or more of a free-for-all.


But they’re always fun!


Lots of learning happens inside the Cultural Care Au Pair Training School, including what types of candy come from our 20+ recruitment countries.

The curriculum at the school is intense and au pairs don’t have a whole lot of time for relaxing or hanging out. However, the candy picnic is one such opportunity. Says Lizzie, “The candy picnic is a great way for all of the au pairs to get together and make friends for the rest of the week. Au pairs are very excited to share their culture using the universal language of candy, and love to get a ‘taste’ of each other’s home countries.” She adds, “Sometimes the lounge is packed with a candy free-for-all, sometimes candy is neatly ordered by country, and sometimes au pairs give presentations about their candies to the entire group. The format varies from week to week but there is always a lot of excitement surrounding this event!”

Swedish au pair Linda says, “The candy picnic was the first real bonding experience I had with au pairs from other countries. It was a great way to start talking and finding out where everyone was from.” She admits, “Some of the candy I loved. And some of it I didn’t! But it was a lot of fun.”

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