Daily Report download for your au pair or nanny

April 11, 2014

Every working parent knows it’s tough to be away from your little ones during the week. One benefit to having an au pair or nanny is that you can request frequent updates during the day and come home to a report detailing exactly what happened while you were away.

Whenever I need a baby “fix”, I ask my caregiver to send a picture, and she responds within minutes. It gives me peace of mind that I can connect with her—and my daughter—instantly. Megan Heron, a Cultural Care Au Pair host mom on the West Coast adds, “[My au pair] sends me text messages at work and pictures of the boys. She often sends me highlights of what I miss…today Dylan’s first teeth broke through and she was just as excited to tell me as I was to hear it.”

In addition to sending regular text messages, ask your au pair or nanny to fill out a daily report so you’ve got the details of the day in writing. Our Daily Report download includes space for your caregiver to share information about:

  • Meals
  • Diaper changes
  • Naps
  • Activities
  • Mood
  • Concerns

To all our our host families who receive our Daily Communication Log before their au pair’s arrival—this Daily Report download will complement it nicely. The log includes pages dedicated to the weekly schedule, instructions to the au pair and au pair notes but doesn’t give space for specifics. So, if you want that information each day, we encourage you to print and use the Daily Report download. I hope our Daily Report download makes keeping track of your children’s day-to-day doings a little easier.



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