International Holiday: Mexican Epiphany, January 6th

January 6, 2014


In Mexico (and other South American countries), January 6th brings a special celebration indeed according to Perla Payan, Cultural Care Au Pair’s Au Pair Recruitment Manager in Mexico.

  1. This date commemorates the Biblical New Testament story of the arrival of the three Wise Men who each brought a gift to the Christ child.
  2. The Epiphany is to Mexican children as Christmas is to American children as far as presents go. While they may not receive the mountain of gifts some American children do, little ones in Mexico receive more gifts today than any other time of year. Traditionally, children receive toys—from the Wise Men, not Santa—in their shoes.
  3. During the celebration of the “Día de Reyes” (literally “Kings’ Day”), people eat a colorful pastry called rosca de reyes which is decorated with dry and candied fruits.
  4. The person who bites into the bread and finds a figurine of the Christ child must host a party for the Day of Candlemas (February 2).

Do you celebrate the Epiphany and if so, what are your traditions?



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