Roadtrip! An au pair and her family and friends from home travel the West Coast

August 19, 2015

Roadtrips can be spontaneous, weekend trips to a town nearby or big trips that have been carefully planned. This story describes Austrian au pair Martina Muhr’s 2-week-long roadtrip she took with friends who were visiting her from back home. She tells us where they went, what they brought and what they saw!   

From the first day I was talking about going to the USA as an au pair, I don’t really think any of them believed me. Nobody thought I would do this big step, pack all my stuff and leave my home, friends and family for a year. But time went by and after a few weeks I matched already with my host family in California. After that everybody was impressed and of course they were talking more and more about visiting me here but I was never sure if anybody would come.


My brother always promised me that he would come. And after a few months there was a group of 8 who were coming to visit! I live in Berkeley, CA since 10 months and now they are here! The last 10 months went by like 10 weeks, I swear. Last month, I met my friends in San Francisco and it felt like I’m the luckiest au pair in the world. We enjoyed the first couple of days in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I showed them around so they could see where I live and I introduced them to my host family.


After that I took a week of vacation, and we rented a car because we planned a roadtrip all the way down the coast to San Diego. This roadtrip was just amazing. We stopped in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice Beach and enjoyed the awesome views on Highway No 1. At the end we stayed for a few nights in Los Angeles and that was just awesome too. We saw the classic sights like the Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios, Walk of Fame and also other great locations like the Urban Light, the Charmed house and after driving around in Beverly Hills we even made it in front of the Playboy Mansion.


After 2 wonderful weeks with my friends it was finally time to say goodbye. They were heading out to Las Vegas and I had to fly back home. I will never forget this roadtrip because my friends made it so special and so perfect for me!

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