Roadtrip! Au pairs become fast friends on a trip through the American desert

October 19, 2015

German au pair Lena Kaltenbach finished her first year as an au pair and had made the decision to spend another six months with a new family. Before she started her extension term on the other side of the country, she decided it was time to finally fulfill her biggest dream while in the states: Go on a roadtrip!


Through our big au pair community I found three other lovely au pairs who were just like me: ready for some adventure! Our group was a mix of young women from Denmark, Austria, Corsica and Germany. This experience, like many other times in my au pair year, I realized how fast total strangers can become friends.


All of us met in Las Vegas, Nevada, and this is where our trip started. It was late at night and when we drove out of town it was like someone had turned off the light. Leaving Las Vegas you drive right into the complete darkness of the desert.


Our first stop was Kanab, Utah where we spent our first night (in reality it was more like 3 hours of sleep). The next morning we drove to Page, Arizona to see the wonderful Antelope Canyon. It’s the most visited slot canyon in the southwest and about 400m long. After lunch at a terrace at Lake Powell we went to the Horseshoe Bend, a meander of the Colorado River. We stayed until sunset, and witnessed how with every second the light changed the colors of the rocks and river beneath. We took some really great pictures.


We spent the night in Page and the next day, we headed to Monument Valley. We wanted to do something really adventurous and decided to take a horseback riding tour of the Valley. It was unbelievable. We felt like we were in a movie, riding western style through the hot sand. All around us there were beautiful stone formations. On the way to Green River, Utah we also stopped at the famous spot where Forrest Gump ran in the movie.


After the night in Green River I had to say goodbye to my lovely new friends and the desert and went back to Las Vegas where I had one more thing to see: the Grand Canyon.

Even though it was not very long, this roadtrip was one of the best trips I have done as an au pair. Until today, I have troubles finding words to describe the beautiful nature I have seen. You have to see for yourself—explore the Western desert. It is so worth it!

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