October 23, 2012
13 great alternatives to traditional Halloween candy

While traditional Halloween candy remains popular with kids, there are plenty of parents out there who not only prefer for their children to collect healthier options but opt to pass out something other than Milky Ways, Kit Kats and Snickers Bars on October 31st. With childhood obesity rates at an all-time high and climbing, it makes even more sense to choose alternatives to candy.

Here are some ideas to consider this season:


Who doesn’t want to hand out something that will keep kids safer as they walk around the neighborhood in the dark? Check out these items that will help keep children out of harm’s way.

Glo necklaces or glo sticks (as low as $.14 per piece)

Flashlight key chains ($.50 per piece)

Safety whistles ($.48 per piece)

Hand warmers ($.87 per pair)


Healthy options
There are some healthy snacks that will get kids excited, the three options below included. (Plus, whatever is leftover is stuff you will actually want to consume yourself!)

Annie’s Fruit Snacks ($.70 per piece)

Jack-o-lantern tangerines (pictured above)

Justine’s Natural Honey Peanut Butter Blend ($.38 per piece)


Candy is probably second only to toys on any kid’s wish list so why not hand out little toys and games that will get trick-or-treaters excited?

Animal Print Slap Bracelets ($.41 per piece)

Slime (as low as $.60 per piece)

Hackey sacks (as low as $.50 per piece)

Mini playing cards ($.54 per deck)

Eyeball pen and notepad sets ($.62 per piece)


The last idea for an alternative to Halloween candy is one that will make every kid (and their parents) come running to your doorstep to say, “Trick or treat!” this season. A stack of paper money (as low as $.06 per piece) is something everyone can use, after all!

Do you have an idea for an alternative to traditional Halloween candy? Please share it in the comments section below. And have a spooktacular Halloween in 2012.

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