January 28, 2022

2022 Host Family of the Year Finalists

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Cultural exchange

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted a nomination for Host Family of the Year. Each nomination showcased the impact host families and au pairs have on one another and shared the unique stories of so many global families!

While it was a difficult decision, the time has come to announce our finalists for Host Family of the Year! We invite you to read more about our finalists and cast your vote for our 2022 Host Family of the Year. Congratulations to our finalists and to all of our Host Family of the Year nominees!

Host Family of the Year

The Albertoni family from California

“The Albertoni’s should win this award because from the moment I landed in the USA almost four months ago they have welcomed me into their home with open arms. They helped me out so much and made transitioning into my new life so easy and enjoyable.” – Nominated by Paula, au pair from Spain

The Brachio family from New York

“When I first arrived here my host family welcomed me with opened arms! In less than one month they made me feel like I have a second home. They shared their Indian and American traditions with me, took their time to help me with all the paperwork, included me into their everyday life like a family member, we are making jokes together, can laugh about each other, can talk about everything—Thank you for being the best host family to me!” – Nominated by Sarah, au pair from Germany

The Carroll family from Pennsylvania

“My host family is the most wonderful family ever, they truly understand the meaning of cultural exchange. I feel really blessed because the universe was on our side and decided we should meet, and more than a family, we are partners in crime. It feels like we have known each other forever. If a family deserves to be nominated like the family of the year, that’s my family.” – Nominated by Johana, au pair from Colombia

The DiJoseph-Jones family from Illinois

“My host family is my second family in the USA. These people stole my heart the moment we started talking. My host family made sure I felt listened, supported, and loved since day one. They see me as a member of their family and include me in every activity. My host kids make my day better by singing, cooking, playing, and talking about life. It feels awesome when you are off and you still want to spend time with them. My host moms show me their culture everyday, and we have fun all the time. Living in a pandemic, it also helped us to create strong bonds that will last forever. I will be eternally thankful for this opportunity that the program and the family have given me. Not only did this family change my life in a year, but evermore. I came here alone with a lot of dreams, and I leave the USA with a new family in my heart.” – Nominated by Lautaro, au pair from Argentina

The Glaser family from Connecticut

“The Glasers are the kind of host parents that everyone who wants to feel at home would want to have, they’re a very loving and supporting couple. They are always on the look out of how I’m feeling, what are my needs or concerns, and when it comes to the kid’s matters, they are fair and respectful with my time on duty. I think we make a great team. The boys are super active and funny, always with something to say and do. I love the opportunity that the family and Cultural Care is giving me to be here to learn and grow up with them.” – Nominated by Karen Alexa, au pair from Mexico

The Grims family from Maryland

“My host family is the dream of every au pair! They really enjoy being the best hosts, they care about my dreams and my beliefs. They make me feel as if I’m in my home country Colombia. They look for ways to make me feel supported, cared, and most importantly loved. I look up to my host family for advice and my time with them has taught me valuable lessons that will make an impact in my development as a citizen of the world!” – Nominated by Paola Andrea, au pair from Colombia

The Kesterson family from Washington

“I have never thought that I will have a second family and another place so far away from Hungary that I can call home. My host family is support me from the beginning and make me feel like I am a part of their family. There is no nights where my host kids don’t give me hugs and love, and night-night kisses. They were here for me when I had hard days and always made me laugh and smile. My birthday was one week after I arrived and my host mom made me my favorite cake. After that, she told me that she was emailing with my parents to know which one is my favorite cake and she mentioned that she never really bake, but for my birthday she wanted to make something special with love. My host dad and I ran the Mount Rainier half marathon together and we supported each other through the 10 weeks training plan. We ran together each day and Saturdays we woke up at 5 and we went for the long runs together. They are a wonderful family and I am very grateful for them. I could not wish for a better host family.” – Nominated by Laura, au pair from Hungary

The Malangone family from New York

“A host family like The Malangone family deserves to be recognized for all that they do for their au pair. They are a family that truly represents what the au pair program is and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of their family.” – Nominated by Ana Maria, au pair from Mexico

The Mari family from Nevada

“It’s unbelievable how I always forget I am not with my biological family and that I am just an au pair. The warmth, care, love, and support I get from Mari family is beyond. No words can explain how great this family is. They are so loving, caring, transparent, friendly, kind, and treat me like their own. I am home, I am safe, I am happy and above all, we are one big family.” – Nominated by Tsundukani, au pair from South Africa

The Olson-Daniel family from Iowa

“They are simply the best host family I could’ve asked for. Every single day is a new adventure, they always have a plan to make things fun and interesting. They always understand and respect me, trust me and help me out if I need it. Nate’s hilarious dad jokes, homemade meals, family dinners, and my host kids’ hugs make me feel like home even when I’m many miles away.” – Nominated by Cristina Huayra, au pair from Argentina

The Rosario family from Washington

“Being away from our country, family, and friends to live in another country with different customs, language, and culture is something quite challenging. However, when we have this experience with the right people, what could be something very difficult, becomes something pleasant, exciting, and full of incredible discoveries and learning. I am so grateful that my host family has been such right people in my life. Every day they are making my time here a memorable experience for me. I feel like part of the family and they are always introducing me in their culture and traditions. Here I am encouraged, respected, welcomed, and I really feel at home.” – Nominated by Bianca, au pair from Brazil

The Simkus family from New Jersey

“I believe my host family should win this award because they are so much more than just my host family. Within only six months they have become my family in every sense of the way. They support and love me in every way and I have amazing relationships with all of them. There has not been a single day where I have not felt loved, valued, and welcomed.” – Nominated by Muriel, au pair from Germany

The Strager family from North Carolina

“They must win because they are everything an au pair could look for in a family, from the very first moment they have been the most welcoming and kind people on the planet, they have made me feel part of the family, they make me feel loved and they care about me. I am so grateful to be able to live my experience with my host family, not only have they given me a second home and a second family, they have given me the opportunity to love their children and take care of them as if they were my own brothers and sisters.” – Nominated by Laura Victoria, au pair from Colombia

The Stratton family from Delaware

“The Stratton family should win this award because they really are THE BEST! Since I arrived they have been in every detail to make me feel part of their family. They share their culture with me and makes part of it.” – Nominated by Maria Lourdes, au pair from Argentina

The Walton family from Washington, D.C.

“The reason why I am nominating my host family is because they always make people feel welcome and make them feel part of their family. My host family always make sure I get to experience the American life through places, events, concerts, museums, etc. They always include me in everything they do like when they go on vacations, going to events, holidays, birthdays, etc. I am really happy that I got to have such an amazing time with such an amazing and wonderful family, they really let you feel like part of their family and I’m grateful for them.” – Nominated by Soney, au pair from South Africa