September 11, 2014

3 ways to jazz up a paper bag lunch

2 minutes
Cultural exchange

Whether it’s you packing the kids’ school lunches or your au pair, this almost-daily task starts back up again as the school year returns. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sending the little ones off with a traditional PB&J in a brown bag, but if you feel like making mid-day meals a little more inspiring this year, here are some tips on how to make school lunches more appetizing.

1. Include a note for your little ones
I believe there’s no such thing as telling your kids too often that you love them. Including a note in their lunches once in a while shows you care and that you’re thinking of them while they’re at school. Cultural Care’s version of lunch notes features messages for each days of the school week. We also likes these downloadable lunch note jokes and these adorable illustrated notes for boys and girls.

2. Choose a few unusual, surprising foods to keep kids guessing
These days, there are so many wonderful pre-packaged snacks that are healthy to eat and make life easier on mom and dad. Consider trying some of these options to give your kids’ lunches some variety: organic fruit snacks from bare, Blue Diamond nut packs, 18 Rabbits granola bars, Babybel mini cheeses. Peas of Mind veggie wedgies, organic fruit and vegetable cookies from Bitsy’s Brainfood, Good Bean flavored chickpeas, Justin’s nut butters.

3. Make the utensils fun!
These days, there are so many delightful utensil options for kids, making eating that much more fun. Who doesn’t prefer to eat with a fork, spoon and knife with legos attached? Or those decorated in multi-colored polka dots? Or even a colorful pair of “training” chopsticks? Consider investing in a set of re-usable utensils your child will enjoy using all year round.

Parents and au pairs: what do you do to keep your kids’ lunches interesting and healthy?