July 16, 2018
4 Reasons to Host an Au Pair
Discover the benefits of au pair childcare

Hundreds of thousands of American families have experienced the joys of hosting an au pair – after all, au pairs provide reliable childcare tailored to a family’s ever-changing needs. On top of that, they bring the world to your home through the exchange of language, customs and culture. Still need convincing? Here are 4 great reasons to welcome an au pair:

1. Flexibility

An au pair can provide up to 45 hours per week of childcare (up to 10 hours per day) on a schedule you decide, including early morning, evening and weekend coverage. Au pairs can also care for your children when they are sick, out from school on snow days and during school vacations. Families with busy schedules love hosting au pairs!

2. Trust

Because an au pair lives with you as a member of your family, your relationship with her develops quickly and mutual trust happens much faster than with a daycare provider or live-out nanny. After an initial period of adjustment, our host parents describe feeling a deep sense of comfort knowing their children are cared for by someone they know and respect.

3. Culture

Au pairs come from many countries all over the world and can expose your entire family to their language and culture. Your children will learn words in your au pair’s native tongue and well as songs and games from her home country. Au pairs also help children gain a renewed appreciation for their own environment and a desire to see more of the world.

4. Protection

The au pair program is government-regulated, meaning there are guidelines in place designed to protect both families and au pairs during the exchange year. It also means that au pairs travel to the U.S. on a legal J-1 visa, allowing them to stay in the country (and with your family) for up to two years.

Truthfully, there are countless benefits to becoming a host family! If you’re looking for childcare suited to your needs, consider welcoming an au pair into your home and your heart.

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