September 28, 2011
5 easy, low-cost Halloween costumes for au pairs and host families to make

Halloween could quite possibly be the best holiday all year. Costumes and candy and ghosts and goblins…who could ask for more? To make your Halloween even more fun, we’ve found some simple and inexpensive costumes to make with your kids this season.

5 easy Halloween costumes for kids

1. Octopus
This lovable sea creature is made from four pairs of kid tights. One pair gets worn and the other three are stuffed with batting, cut in half and tied to the waist. Use furniture pads to make suction cups. Adorable!

2. Hot air balloon
Your child will be the talk of town sporting this cool costume. Materials needed include a lightweight basket, string/ribbon and a punching balloon. Make holes for legs and tie the balloon on (that has been filled up with helium) high enough so that it rises about your child’s head. Add an aviator hat and sand bags for the full effect!

3. Bubble bath
Most adults would love to sit in a bubble bath all night. Maybe your kids will too! To make this costume, cut off the bottom of a 12-gallon plastic tub and string ribbon through the handles to make suspenders. Attach white balloons of different sizes to a while tee or sweatshirt to represent bubbles. Use polyester fiberfill to make the suds. Calgon, take me away…

4. Lego Man
It’s easy to honor one of the world’s most classic toys by dressing like a Lego for Halloween! Take a box and cut a hole in the top large enough for your child’s head. Cut two more holes in the sides for arms. Using a gluegun, attached 6 plastic solo cups to the front of the box and paint the entire thing with red spraypaint. Voila!

5. Thing One and Thing Two
Perfect for Dr. Seuss fans, this costume is easy and warm! Just dress in head-to-toe red, use a piece of white felt and sharpie to identify who is “Thing One” and who is “Thing Two” and top it off with a blue wig or hair spray.

Do you plan to use one of these ideas to “trick” your child out in a great costume this year? Or have they already requested to dress like other characters this October 31st? Either way, have a great Halloween!

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