October 21, 2019

A day in the life with an au pair

What is it like to have an au pair?

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About au pairs

Hosting an au pair is a chance to embrace a reliable, flexible and trustworthy live-in caregiver for your children. Best of all, they also become an extended member of your family—someone you grow close to and form a special bond with over the year (or more!) that you’re together.

Many parents understand the concept of an au pair, and why they work for so many host families—but they may still wonder: What can my au pair do with my kids?
To get a firsthand glimpse into what life is like for an au pair living here in the USA, check out this video featuring Italian au pair Giorgia. She takes us through a day in her au pair life with her three host kids just outside Chicago, Illinois.

After a year and a half in America, Giorgia has become an invaluable influence on her host kids—and has brought a fresh, new dynamic to her host family’s home.