August 16, 2019
A New Teammate
How an au pair becomes a friend, family member, and a co-parent.

Before the Young family joined Cultural Care in 2016, they began with some nerves (like any new parents) about finding the right childcare provider. Now, 3 years and 2 sons later, they find that an au pair is a great part of their parenting team, especially their 4th and current au pair, Angel.

“Our biggest concern when interviewing au pairs was our boys’ safety. Prior to joining the program, we were apprehensive about whether these young caretakers could put our minds at ease when we were both at work,” host mom Wand says of her experience.

Ever since Angel has started taking care of Chase, three, and Parker, one, Wand and her husband Andrew have had peace of mind about their sons while they are at work.

Wand says that even her own mother, who worries even more about the boys than Wand herself, thinks Angel does a great job with Chase and Parker. Wand says:

“She manages our three-year-old’s tantrums like a professional and speaks to him firmly but kindly. I never have any concern that he will be left undisciplined, nor do I worry about her losing her temper or mistreating him. She is the best co-parent I could ask for when my husband and I are not available.”

To Andrew and Wand, the convenience of a trusted childcare provider is amazing. But the difference, Wand says, “is the ability to experience a whole new culture, and the chance to introduce someone to life in the USA!”

Angel embraced the spirit of cultural exchange with the Young family. Angel brought her host kid, Chase, a beautifully made pop up book about the history and traditions of Chinese New Year celebrations! The book even came with decorations, which the Youngs proudly displayed in their home.

Additionally, host dad Andrew is a huge college football fan, so they brought Angel to an “all-American tailgate”. Wand says, “While the sport itself may not be her particular cup of tea, I think Angel enjoyed all the fanfare!”

“With Angel, we have been lucky enough to have gained a friend and family member. We can only hope to have her stay a second year!” says Wand.

Luckily, Angel felt the same way and extended her program with the Young for a full twelve months!


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