May 21, 2015

A perfect match: au pair Franzi wins her host family over with a simple drawing

2 minutes
Au pair stories

German au pair Franzi Hoeppner knew she wanted to be her future host family’s au pair as soon as she got off the phone from their first interview together. “I like the host parents because they are so amiable and open and the girls are so lovely,” says Franzi. To show how excited she was at the possibility of being matched with the family, Franzi drew a picture for them. She explains, “The older daughter looks a little bit like the baby Rapunzel from Disney and the younger one looks like Agnes from the Minions. I am Baymax the protector and play with the kids. And because they love Toy Story I also drew Mr. Potato Head.”
The picture Franzi drew after she interviewed with the host family she loved.
Placement Manager Colleen Beatson: “When this host mom began the search for her third au pair, “she knew she wanted someone who loved arts and crafts. When she saw the picture from Franzi, it totally won her over. The family decided it was a perfect match.”
Franzi can’t wait to join her host family this September.
Colleen recommends all au pairs express their enthusiasm if they interview with a host family that they really like. “Families want to see that an au pair is excited about being matched with them. They like to see au pairs take the initiative to reach out and let them know it.” How should au pairs show their interest? Colleen suggests, “Write a nice note in their account, send a smiling photo saying how much you enjoyed your conversation, a drawing, a poem—these are all ways to show a family you like them.”
Congratulations Franzi on finding your perfect host family match! Anyone else out there find their perfect match? Tell us about it!