February 2, 2009
Au Pair of the Year Nominations

Each year, the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) chooses one very special au pair as the “Au Pair of the Year.” Au pairs are nominated for this honor by their host families, and this year, more Cultural Care Au Pair host families than ever before felt their au pair to be deserving of this honor. We are so proud of all of our amazing au pairs!

You will see several of the au pairs who were nominated in the slideshow above. A complete list is as follows: Nely, from Peru (King Flees Family), Sanela, from Austria (Ragavan Wineland Family), Lilia, from Moldova (Bartels Family), Julika, from Germany (Wilson Family), Maria, from Columbia (Pitt-Tramuta Family), Francisco, from Brazil (Boyer Family), Patricia, from Mexico (Silk Family), Lhee, from Thailand (Zajack Family), Laura, from Germany (Morales Family), Karin, from Sweden (Christou Family), Tina, from Germany (Buttiglieri Family), Nutjalin (Namfon), from Thailand (Sutton-Tilton Family), Cindy, from Germany (The Lerner Family), Matea, from Croatia (The McCray), Evian, from Brazil (Bernal Family), Gaby, from El Salvador (Young Family), Michaela, from Germany (DiPietro Family),  Elena, from Russia (Garland Family), Maria, from Panama (Patelsky Family), Ana, from Moldova (McDonald-McDevitt Family), Arnela, from Bosnia (Duffner Family), Dasha, from Ukraine (Marciniak Family), Anne, from Germany (Wilmer Family), Johanna, from Colombia (Zinny Family), Iris, from Austria (Savolainen Family), Annegret (Annie), from Germany (Reyes Family), Vanessa, from Germany (Moonen-Hohn Family), Lisa, from Germany (Hunter Family), Marie, from Germany (Kirby Family), Ana, from Brazil (Oakley-Kawa Family), Laura, from Colombia (Saberin-Williams Family), Verena, from Germany (Kursban Family), Adela (Alex), from Mexico (Roberts Family), Jennie, from Germany (Bowers Family), Kveta, from Czech Republic (Sherrill Family), Julia, from Germany (Martin Family), Lukas, from Czech Republic (Cummins Family), Katarina, from Slovakia (Antonino Family), Angie, from Colombia (Weil Family), Simone, from Germany (Galligan Family), Jonatan, from Colombia (Rameriz Family), Andrea, from Czech Republic (Salzeider Family), Yuliya, from Ukraine (Cashman Family), Heike, from Germany (Frick Family), Brenda, from El Salvador (Stofflet Family), Melanie, from Germany (Collins Family), Denise, from South Africa (Koster Family), Julia, from Germany (Grossman Family), Pascual, from Colombia (Wilson Family), Sarah, from Germany (Rachwald Family), Indra, from Germany (Ryan Family), Linda, from Sweden (Peterman Family), Jelena, from Bosnia & Herzegovina (Haas Family), Katharina, from Germany (Hodge Family), Edna, from Malawi (Prasad Family), Cynthia, from Ecuador (Besly Family), Argenida, from Panama (Slutsky Family), Margot, from Costa Rica (Conklin Family), Carolin, from Germany (Robinson Family)

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