June 11, 2015

Au pair reunion: Austrian au pair Steffi shocks her former host child at preschool

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When 5-year-old Sara saw her former au pair Steffi walk into her preschool classroom she was shocked. She knew Steffi was coming to visit but had no idea she would be joining her mom to pick her up from school that day. It took Sara a second to react—at first she was very quiet—but after Steffi scooped her up for a hug, she was smiling ear-to-ear. After that it was like Steffi had never left. The details of their reunion below are shared by host mom Margo Mulroy.
Host mom: Margo Mulroy in NY
Au pair: Stefanie Trois from Austria
Au pair’s year with host family: October 2012 – 2013
Dates of reunion: May 19 – June 1, 2015

How did the plan to reunite come about?
Steffi told us she was coming to the Unites States in May and wanted to be with us for my daughter Sara’s 5th Birthday. She asked if she could stay with us and, of course, we said yes! She also went to see an au pair friend of hers in Chicago for a week in between.
What was it like to see her again?
The best part was watching our former au pair with our daughter. They have a bond that will never be broken. Steffi truly loves my daughter as my daughter loves her, and we have all missed having her with us. Even as our houseguest, she helped out and played with my daughter like when she was our au pair.
What did you do during your time with your former au pair?
Steffi celebrated Sara’s birthday with us along with all of our extended family. Steffi, Sara, and I went shopping at the outlets. We all took Steffi out to dinner and lunch. We went to the park with her.
What was the best moment during your reunion?
The best moment was seeing how happy she made my daughter. My daughter also played sleeping beauty with her and Steffi had to be Maleficent. Steffi went along with whatever Sara said. They are like two peas in a pod.

What favorite memories do you have of your au pair?
We went out a lot for ice cream when she lived with us. She always loved to go to Applebees and when she lived with us we took her there with her friend for her birthday. Her choice. I also remember Steffi potty training my daughter.
What reminds you of Steffi during your daily life?
Cookies! We always teased her because she always ate the last cookie in the house. And also the alphabet letters on our playroom wall—she and my daughter cut them out and decorated them, and they are still there.
If you had to describe Steffi in three words, what would they be?
Patient, caring, and nice.
When will you see your au pair next?
Steffi will come back in Sept of 2015 before she starts college. We can’t wait to have her with us again!
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