November 28, 2012

Au Pair Spotlight: Jeniffer Rodriguez Vargas, bringing sunshine into every day

4 minutes
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Jeniffer Rodriguez Vargas from Colombia is an au pair with the Morgan family in Connecticut. Last year, her host family nominated her and she was chosen Au Pair of the Year in Connecticut. A perfect fit for each other, the Morgans and Jeniffer recently decided to spend another year together and extended her stay. You can tell how Jenn “brings sunshine into the day” from the family’s nomination:

“When an acquaintance suggested an au pair as a solution to the needs of our rapidly expanding family, I didn’t see how I could get used to having a new person living in our home. Now, I cannot imagine our lives without her! And, when people say that I look great for having 3 children 2 and under, I don’t hesitate to tell them my secret to surviving busy days – Jenn!

An essay cannot do Jenn justice but she deserves a written celebration of all the ways in which she is outstanding and how she has enabled us to truly enjoy the blessing of our children. Jenn’s everyday attitude is what makes her stand out (just review her application!) She only projects love, happiness and a proactive hard work ethic. She is everything we could ever want in an au pair and the PERFECT match for our family!

Jenn stepped into caring for our 22-month old son and one-day old twin girls while I was still in the hospital. She didn’t hesitate and with patience, time and by being a truly lovely and caring person our shy son loved her in no time. She watches and imitates the way that we do everything for him – from the way we prepare his food to the way that we speak to and teach him. In a time when things were very new for him too, she made herself familiar by doing his favorite things and by being a caring friend. When we see how happy he is to see her and how much he loves to be around her, we know that she is a consistently loving and caring person. You can see how much Jenn loves the babies too, especially when she gets as excited as we do about their milestones.

As exhausted new parents, Jenn innately knows when we need time alone with our son, our babies or just a little “me time.” Her calm nature is perfect when she lovingly holds and calms a crying baby—or two! She knows that by caring for our children she is caring for mom and dad too. Every day Jenn helps me take better care of myself in simple but important ways like getting sleep and drinking enough water to ensure successful breastfeeding. She holds me accountable for it! Jenn is a loving and caring friend. She cares for her au pair friends, making their birthdays special, helping celebrate important events or consoling them during trying times, like when a friend’s father passed away. She not only wants to be successful, but helps her friends be successful too. She has also been a positive influence in the lives of au pairs who went through transitions.

Joyful Jenn is always excited to play our son’s favorite games no matter how monotonous his toddler preferences may be. (Berries for breakfast again? With Jenn, it’s a blueberry smiley face!) Jenn helps us reinforce a positive, happy attitude each day. You would never know when Jenn is having a trying day because no matter what is going on in her life she brings sunshine into the day. She is always smiling and laughing so it was no surprise when she taught my babies to laugh! At a time when we are busy trying to get through the day, Jenn is essential in helping us to stop and enjoy the little things in life. No matter what time of day it is, Jenn has the same energy level and commitment to doing an excellent job. Regularly, with minutes left in the day, Jenn is folding the children’s laundry or straightening their rooms to make the most of each moment.

Her commitment to education is a perfect fit for us. Jenn brought toys perfect for my son’s developmental age, including a picture puzzle of our family, from her home country of Columbia. Of course, she has introduced him and us to Spanish songs, words and numbers too.

Proactivity and hard work are Jenn’s middle names. She not only looks for things to do but she is constantly suggesting new ways of doing things to save time and energy. We’ve never had to ask or instruct her on any of the “little things” which are so important: making sure the diaper caddy is stocked each day, organizing all of the children’s toys, clothes and supplies or reminding me when it’s time to order more diapers or supplies.

These things may seem simple but there are no words to say just how much Jenn has helped us turn an overwhelming time into a time that we will never forget because we truly enjoyed each moment of it. If you simply look at her profile and video, you will see just how wonderful she is. They say that you can’t choose your family, but thanks to Cultural Care Au Pair, we did! Jenn didn’t just come to help us raise our family; she is part of our family and always will be. Thank you, Cultural Care, for the chance to honor such a deserving person!”