April 12, 2013

Au pairs talk about their Red Cross CPR and First Aid training

2 minutes
About au pairs

All Cultural Care au pairs receive Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification at the Au Pair Training School when they first arrive in the U.S. before they go to their host family. Started in January 2013, this program is the only one of its kind in which au pairs recieve a certificate from the American Red Cross in pediatric CPR and First Aid. We asked some of them why they thought this training was important.
“When dealing with kids, au pairs need to be prepared for any kind of circumstance. Au pairs need to be ready to help and knowing how is very important. With CPR a kid’s life can be saved.”
Julia Menardi, Argentina
“It is good as we are prepared for any emergencies. I also noticed that there are different ways of doing CPR and other first aid in each country so it is good to know what is correct in America.”
Rachel Kilgannon, Australia
cpr class
“You’re able to stay more calm and know what to do when something that would need first aid or CPR occurs.”
Valma Ahtola, Finland
“Even if you are as cautious as possible, it is always possible that something happens. Au pairs are responsible for their host family’s children and they definitely should be able to help them in an emergency. Also, it is not only important for an au pair but for everyone.”
Alexandra Kalhofer, Germany
“Accidents happen easily, especially with kids, and if it happens it’s really good to be prepared and know what to do. You have a big responsibility as an au pair and of course you want to do everything to make them safe.”
Emelie Linden, Sweden
“You need this for emergencies. You’ll know what to do and how to do it. That way your host parents feel safe handing their children over to the au pair.”
Asara Valudskyte, Lithuania
“As an au pair you work with people, and if something where to happen it’s good to know how to help! These are not only important skills for an au pair, but for all people. I think more people should know how to perform CPR and first aid.”
Frederikke Antonsen, Denmark
“We don’t know what will be happen in future and I believe CPR and first aid are very useful during our daily life.”
Zijun Zhou, China