Best Costumes from Cultural Care Au Pair

October 31, 2013

Here at Cultural Care Au Pair, we take Halloween seriously.

Madeline, Miss Clavel, and the rest of the Cultural Care placement, sales, and operations team say, “Bonjour!”

madeline 2

Snow White, the Queen, and the Seven Dwarves pose for a Cultural Care Account Services family portrait.


Looks like the Muffin Man has wandered from Drury Lane!


Our parent company, EF, hosts an annual Halloween costume contest. Here’s a look at our favorites:

This marketing team dreams of sushi.


Justin from EF Tours Canada sailed from Toronto!


Is this EF Cyborg Brad stealing jobs from humans at EF Foundation for Foreign Study?


This adorable Subway Footlong is not for eating.


Mr. Peanut Blake and the EF Energizer bunny Casey keep EF Educational Tours dapper and pumped up.


Kevin from EF Tour Business Solutions channels his inner emperor.


Día de los Muertos skeletons Tanya and Chelsea from Foundation performed the folkstory “La Llorona” for EF’s costume contest!


Don’t cross this black cat or Cruella De Vil from EF Explore America.


We wish all of our host families and au pairs a Happy (and safe) Halloween from Cultural Care Au Pair!



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