March 2, 2016

From au pair acquaintance to bridesmaid: a lifelong friendship forms

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Au pair stories

Gilmar Antonietta Maestre Ramirez, from Venezuela, was a Cultural Care Au Pair in 2012 and 2013. She lived with her host family in a small but beautiful area outside Boston, called Swampscott. Upon arriving to her new home, Gilmar almost immediately met another au pair from Chile, who would become a very important part of her life—so important, that she would become a bridesmaid in Gilmar’s wedding! Gilmar shares below how they met and became the best of friends, even though many miles separate them.


Gilmar and Paulina became friends almost immediately.

How they met
I meet Paulina at one of our monthly au Pair meetings. My LCC organized a mini golf game that year in May, and it was my first meeting and also Paulina’s. I didn’t knew anyone at that point, and we found we had so many interests in common. Once we realized how close we were from each other, we were always hanging out together and were pretty much a support for each other the whole time.


These two friends traveled together, spent holidays together and kept in touch long after they returned home from the U.S.

Fast friends
We share many experiences, and we explored as much we could; sometimes it was hard because her schedule was so different than mine. I had more free time because I had teenagers and she taking care of 3 babies. But together we travelled to NYC and Niagara Falls. Together we went to Celtics games, celebrated Halloween in Salem, and experienced a proper 4th of July. We studied together at Salem State University, and of course, we never stopped exploring Boston. Even after we returned home, Paulina back to Chile and me back to Venezuela, we never stopped talking; we were always FaceTiming, Skyping, and chatting through Facebook.


Paulina was one of Gilmar’s bridesmaids in her beautiful wedding!

The wedding day
Last year when I got engaged, the first thing I thought was “I want Paulina as a bridesmaid”. So, we organized the time and everything to suit her holidays from work, at that’s how it happened! She arrived to my home in Venezuela the same day as my husband (he’s from Scotland), and I was so happy to have two very important people by my side at the same time. Paulina was a huge part of my au pair life and is pretty much a sister to me. To have her as part of my wedding day is proof that the au pair experience changes everything forever.
I’m so glad and blessed by the amazing people who changed my life, and this year I’m looking forward to seeing my host parents who will come all the way from Boston to my second wedding in Scotland. I will always be thankful for my host parents, Martha and Peter, for choosing me as their au pair and giving me such a great opportunity in life. Cultural Care Au Pair impacted my life forever!
If you have a great story to share about the friends you’ve made during your au pair year, tell us about it!