Child care forms: child medical history form

March 7, 2013

Medical History Form for your childcare provider

Winter isn’t over, and if you’re like me, you are counting the days until spring and hoping that a change of season will bring with it less sickness in your family.  This week alone, I’ve been to the doctor twice with my almost 2-year old son, having him checked for ear infections, bronchitis and high fever.

As I was giving instructions to my nanny about what to do if his fever spiked again while I was at work, I started thinking it would be helpful to have a generic child care form that I could provide with all of my son’s medical history on it in case she needed to take him back to the doctor or in case of an emergency.  So, with the help of our resident Medical Consultant, Dr. Peter Sheckman, we have developed this handy downloadable child care form for you to fill out and share with your au pair or child care provider.

Making sure your au pair, nanny or daycare provider has all of your child’s important medical information can make both of you feel more at ease and confident that your child will be properly cared for in case of a medical emergency.

Download and print your form today, and here’s to good health!


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