May 18, 2012
Cultural Care staff Run Relay for Kids First

Can you tell? Cultural Care staff members in Cambridge, MA are super excited to participate in the Massachusetts Reach the Beach relay.

The staff in Cultural Care Au Pair’s Cambridge office have been brainstorming a lot this year to come up with fundraising ideas for Kids First, our non-profit organization whose mission is to better the lives of children in need. Lately we’ve felt outdone by hugely successful bake sales in our overseas offices (we are talking HUNDREDS of dollars raised from the sale of homemade goodies!) and the Au Pair Training School in NY whose staff announced at the beginning of this year that they had raised over $10,000 for the kids.

Because there’s been a bit a fitness kick going on around here, we were able to round up a 12-member team that is at this very moment participating in the “Reach the Beach” relay race. The race began this morning at 9am and continues until tomorrow morning, beginning at the Mount Wachusett Ski Area and finishing at Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Westport, MA. In total, our group of runners will cover 200 miles, and it usually takes about 30-35 hours in total. Our runners have been going out together for training runs over the past few weeks and felt ready to tackle this huge challenge when they left last night.

The runners have encouraged others to consider making a donation in the following amounts to Kids First:

  • $200.00 in recognition for the 200 miles they will run in two days
  • $178.00 for our team’s bib number, Cultural Care is Team 178
  • $126.00 for the number of times they have been asked if they are crazy for doing this
  • $77.00 for the number of times they will tell each other along the route that we are crazy for doing this
  • $36.00 in recognition of the 36 legs of the race
  • $30.00 in acknowledgment of the 30 hours they will be running
  • $26.00 for the number of muscles in each of their legs that will be like jelly (Yes, there are 13 muscles in each leg – 4 anteriorly, 2 laterally and 7 posteriorly. There, you learned something today.)
  • $12.00 in honor of the 12 runners on our team
  • $6.00 for the 6 extra-strength Aleve they will take per day
  • $5.00 for the number of coffees their drivers will each need to drink to stay awake
  • $4.00 in honor of their four drivers: Ashley, Jen, Meg and Natalie
  • $3.71 for a gallon of gas along the route
  • $2.00 in recognition of the two vans that will carry our team from the mountains to the beach
  • $.99 for an iTunes song to motivate the runners

There’s still time to make a donation in recognition of our runners. Otherwise, please wish them all a safe and successful race!

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