Cultural Craft for Kids: Danish pleated Christmas heart

December 23, 2013

To make this craft with your kids, download and print the Danish pleated Christmas heart template.


Making paper woven hearts is a very popular craft in much of Scandinavia, especially Denmark, where this tradition is said to have been started by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Children make these in school and at home and hang them on the Christmas tree. They are simple to make and mess-free!

Pleated heart template
Colored construction paper (For each heart you will need 2 pieces of contrasting color)

Cut out the shape you want to use (the top one is easier to weave.) You will need to cut 2 folded  pieces of different colored construction paper for each heart. Once you’ve place the folded edge of construction paper on the straight edge of the template where indicated, cut out the thick-lined shape from each piece of folded paper first. After that, cut the lines inside. Place the two templates you’ve cut at a right angle to one another and weave the strips in and out. Make a handle using paper scraps and hang from the tree.



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