Cultural Craft for Kids: Russian onion dome and Matryoshka dolls

January 17, 2014

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia just around the corner, we want to share these fun and simple crafts for kids as way to start embracing the architecture and culture of Russia.

To make this craft with your kids, download and print the Russian onion dome template here from Cultural Care Au Pair.

Onion domes are domes that resemble the shape of an onion. Many churches and other structures in Russia have onion domes, including St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of the most famous buildings in the country. Onion domes are often painted in bright colors, making for a beautiful skyline.


With the help of an adult, cut the onion in half. Dip the flat side in paint. Press the onion, flat side down onto the paper where the onion domes should be (see template for guidance; there are spots for seven onion domes). You can use the same color for all of the domes or try different colors. If you want to, you can color in the building as well.

RussianMatryoshkaTo make this craft with your kids, download and print the Russian Matryoshka template at the bottom of this article from Cultural Care Au Pair.

Matryoshka dolls, otherwise known as nesting dolls, are Russia’s most popular folk art, said to have been introduced to their country by the Japanese. After they were first replicated by a master toy-maker, many other people started to make them as well. Matryoshka artists used to paint each of the dolls in a set the same, however, now it is popular to pick a theme and depict a set of characters.


Print out the 5 Matryoshka templates. Cut out the body, scarf and scarf knot and trace them onto paper or fabric (pick a different pattern for each one for contrast) Glue the scarf and knot onto the body. Now cut out the face and glue that on top. Repeat for all 5 dolls to create a set.



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