Cultural Craft for Kids: Swedish Midsummer Wreath

June 11, 2013

To make this craft with your kids, download and print the Swedish Midsummer wreath template here from Cultural Care Au Pair.

Midsummer is a traditional holiday in Sweden in which Swedes proudly welcome their short, but sweet summer.  They celebrate by eating customary Swedish dishes, and enjoying each other’s company through song and dance around the maypole. This usually takes place on a Friday, between June 21st and June 25th every year. On Midsummer’s eve in Sweden, it is common for people to make and wear Midsummer wreaths made with seasonal flowers of summer to represent the beauty of the summer solstice.

Wild flowers, greenery and baby’s breath
String or thin wire
Midsummer wreath template

Collect a lot of flowers, and greenery either from your garden, or buy them from a florist. Start by bunching together flowers smaller flower bouquets. You may  need to trim some of them to better fit together, but try to keep the stems of the flowers long still since these will help to make a stronger wreath.

Then, start attaching the bouquets to each other and by wrapping the string or wire around them. When the bouquets are bound together and long enough to measure around your head, connect the stems of the two ends to complete your circular wreath. Finish by weaving in baby’s breath or greenery to fill in any gaps.


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