Cultural Craft for Kids: Valentine’s Day treat for your au pair

February 7, 2014

This Valentine’s Day, give a little extra love to your au pair! Return the sweetness with this super easy craft for au pair who saves the day with every unexpected snow day, date night, and everything in between! Spiffy up household plastic bags and stuff them with candy for a little Valentine’s Day surprise to show how you and your family care.


  • Valentine’s Day bag topper template 
  • paper (optional: photo paper or card stock)
  • stapler
  • candy (extra bonus points if you fill your candy bags with your au pair’s favorite candy from her home country!)
  • Ziploc plastic bag
  • scissors

Download the template (below) and print. Cut the bag topper out and fold along the dotted line. Fill your plastic bag with candy and seal. Place the bag topper over the top and staple!


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