May 16, 2012
Culture Corner: Au pairs talk politics with American locals

Angela Fleet, a local childcare coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair in the Seattle area, decided to host her most recent au pair meeting in Green Lake Park. The park, which is one of the cities most beloved green spaces, includes a path around its lake—the perfect place for au pairs to convene and catch up with their peers and with Angela.

Says Angela, “It’s an active and lively place and filled with characters, including Leonardo.” Leonardo happens to be a staple at Green Lake, as he offers walking Spanish lessons to the locals. “I thought the girls would like to meet our famous Greenlake Walking Spanish Teacher, so we said hello and struck up a conversation. He loves meeting ladies! In fact, one time I stopped to get his card (because I really want to learn Spanish) and he had lipstick on his cheek!

Leonardo very much enjoyed the conversation with Angela’s group of au pairs, and in particular his chat about Hugo Chávez with au pair Yveth from Venezuela. Angela reveals, “From this interaction with Leonardo I learned that Yveth said she would probably extend one year if Chavez is reelected, but if not she would go home!

It must be a thrill for au pairs to hear people speaking in their native language during their time in the U.S. Au pairs: have you engaged in conversations like this while out and about in your community? Do you often hear your native tongue spoken in the U.S.? The encounter of Leonardo and Cultural Care au pairs in Seattle is a great example of how our program breaks down cultural barriers! 

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