December 9, 2013
Download our holiday gift tags and we’ll make a donation in your honor

The holiday season is here which means gifts for everyone on your list! While you are wrapping presents with ribbons and bows, why not add one of these bright, cheery gift tags? They will not only make your packages look great, but you will also be making a difference, because for every download of our holiday gift tags, Cultural Care will make a donation to Cultural Care Kids First Foundation.

Cultural Care Kids First Foundation, or Kids First, drawing on the strength of the global community of Cultural Care Au Pair, provides resources to support organizations that strive to a make a lasting difference in the lives of children in need around the world. Every download of our gift tags will result in a $1 donation to the various children’s organizations

Here are some of the programs that Kids First is supporting in December:

Orphanage 63 in Moscow, Russia
A donation for costumes for their children’s choir

St. Mary’s Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana
A donation for books for their elementary school library

Children of South Africa (CHOSA) in Cape Town, South Africa
A donation for field trips for the children of Emasitandane

Casa do Zezinho in Sao Paolo, Brazil
A donation for supplies for their “Reuse it!” program, making furniture and accessories from recycled items

Dom Dziecka in Labunie, Poland
A donation for craft supplies and a holiday party

Jeevitha Anathshrama in Bangalore, India
A donation for children’s books and school supplies

Share Our Strength in Washington, DC
A donation for recreational equipment to attract kids to afterschool meals programs

Kids First is excited to support these organizations in several meaningful ways this holiday season! The donations from our “download and donate” gift tags will bring smiles to many more children in the coming year.

So, download here and donate (and share this with all your friends using the “share this” links below) today! Your help is just a free click away.

Thank you!

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