March 9, 2016

Mexican au pair Elisa makes her whole host family—their dog included—smile!

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Au pair stories

The Caputo family of Connecticut welcomed Mexican au pair Elisa into their home last March. Elisa is the family’s first au pair, and she has brightened their lives since the beginning. Luckily, this love story won’t end any time soon as Elisa has decided to extend with her host family for another 12 months. Read more about what makes Elisa—the second Au Pair of the Year finalist to be featured—below.


Elisa with her host parents and 2-year old Ellie.

Our au pair, Elisa Rios, is truly a remarkable au pair and person. She does everything that one would expect in a great au pair—from taking extra special care of our girls to helping us keep organized schedules and lives. But what truly sets Elisa apart is the way she makes our 8-month-old Lily smile, the way she makes our 2-year-old Ellie belly laugh, and even the way she makes our dog Cocoa wag her tail excitedly when she’s around. She has built an incredible bond with our daughters, and Elisa truly is the best au pair we could have imagined.


Elisa has been an incredibly bright force in her host family’s household.

Elisa started with us a mere 9 months ago, and yet it feels like she’s been in our family forever. She was there when we welcomed Lily into our lives, helped us manage Ellie’s transition to big sisterhood, and been an incredibly positive and bright force in all of our lives. Her enthusiasm, boundless energy, optimism and humor has truly made our household better, and we are so thrilled that she is part of it. Elisa is truly part of our family and has joined us on our Disney vacation and in celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. Elisa makes every occasion even more special by adding her own flair—from cooking tamales and guacamole to decorating our house with seasonal art projects with the girls. Some truly memorable projects included making a “#1 Mom” medal for me when I ran a marathon, and creating a Father’s Day shirt for John—filled with everyone’s handprints (and Cocoa’s paws).


Eight-month-old Lily loves Elisa’s Spanish lullabies.

It’s been amazing to see how Ellie has developed and learned Spanish and now even understands many of the classic storybooks like Dr Seuss in her newly acquired language. Ellie’s hair has also never looked better since Elisa started making her elaborate braids and hairstyles. In addition, Elisa has an amazing voice and sings everything from Spanish lullabies (for Lily) to Shakira (for Sarah). Elisa has shared her passion for art as well, and we’ve visited several museums and exhibits— from Frida Kahlo to Chihuly to Dali—with Elisa as our guide! There is no job too big or too small Elisa, she proactively sees how she can help out and does it with a smile—all of the time (not an easy feat especially when changing 10+ diapers/day and feeding 8+ bottles and meals to 2 girls)! Her curiosity and interest in our family’s interests have also turned her into an avid runner and dog lover! That truly sets her apart as an au pair as well.


Ellie is learning lots of Spanish thanks to Elisa.

It goes without saying that we are excited to extend Elisa for another year. She has been such a positive influence on all of our lives, and it’s not just about what she does—but who she is that truly impresses us on a daily basis. Our girls are truly lucky to have an au pair that cares for them like family, and that is exactly what our relationship with Elisa has evolved into—she is our au pair, and she is part of our family.
Thank you to Sarah Caputo for sharing how Elisa has impacted her family’s life for the better. Look out for our next nomination story very soon!