September 2, 2015

Family with three adventurous boys finds their perfect match in Maja!

3 minutes
Au pair stories

Jason Copestick is a host dad in OH whose family has hosted Germany au pair Maja Hennig for almost one year now. From the moment they saw her application Jason and his wife knew Maja was the perfect au pair for them. Here’s how they ended up together and how the last year has gone. 
Upon starting the au pair matching process, I told the folks at Cultural Care Au Pair that no recommendations were needed. I had sorted through 400+ au pair profiles and found the right person. After 3 interviews I knew that my original thought was right. Maja was the perfect fit to join (and maybe better said—handle) our family.
I felt a great connection with the family right from the start, although I asked them to give me a couple more days to make my final decision. I knew it was a really big decision and I wanted to be as sure about it as only possible. What I truly appreciate about them was their honesty right from the start. They were not trying to pretend to be somebody else but trying to give me a real picture of what life with them would look like.
When Maja got off of the plane and survived the first few days, I knew that she was going to be a great au pair. Just to make sure she could survive the craziness that is our normal, we took her to Kings Island Amusement Park, and Octoberfest Cincinnati the first two days she was with us.
My family as always showed interest in me as a person and they want me to become part of their family. One day my host dad asked me to make a list for them, but also for myself, sharing what I wanted to accomplish and experience during my au pair year. Places I want to see, things I wanted to do, skills I want to work on for myself. I kept it and I still pull it out from time to time just to see more and more of my wishes coming true.
It can be extremely hard for our twins to get started and stay on task. They move, talk and change their focus at such high speed, that it can be frustrating for even the most patient person. Maja combines love, patience, and structure to make great breakthroughs with them.
Even though life and work is not always like in a storybook here and it can be tough at times, I have fully taken the children and my host parents to my heart and I will always look back on this year as the most adventurous, educational and awesome year of my life.
We’re so happy to hear about this perfect match, and we wish the Copestick family a great year with their new au pair and Maja a safe trip back home. Anyone else out there find their perfect match? Tell us about it!