February 22, 2013

Household poisoning prevention tips for families and au pairs

2 minutes
Advice for host families

Cultural Care Au Pair’s Continuing Safety Education Program (CSEP), ensures au pairs are refreshed in seasonal safety topics during the year. During the months of January, February, March and April, the focus is on household poisoning prevention as poisoning is most common during the winter months.

Some LCCs choose to teach the units on their own, like Zanny Perrino did with her group of 16 au pairs in northeastern MA. She says of the CSEP meeting, “I think some of us were surprised to learn how common accidental poisonings are in this country, especially with small children.”
Other LCCs, like Joanne Freed Belsky, choose to enlist the help of the experts to deliver this important safety information. Her group of 12 au pairs visited the Health Education Center at Lankenau Hospital to learn about household poisoning prevention from one of their staff members. By the end of the session, they had entered the number for the poison-control center into their cell phones and learned what to do in case of household poisoning.

Some tips to prevent household poisoning from Cultural Care’s curriculum are included here, so please take note and keep your children safe!

Host families, how do you protect your children against household poisoning? Do you make sure to point out to your au pair where potentially hazardous chemicals, cleaning solutions and medicines are kept?