July 24, 2019
How much room does an au pair need?
The Dos and Don'ts of au pair living

It can be overwhelming trying to see if you have everything you need to welcome an au pair into your home. Check one more thing off your list by following these easy dos and don’ts of where your au pair can stay while they are a part of your family.

Make sure you DO prepare the room with a bed, a dresser, and a closet or armoire for your au pair to properly store personal belongings. Feel free to add a personal touch with signs, flowers, or another special item to make her or him feel at home! It’s also important to ensure the room has 2 methods of exit, like a door and a window, in case of emergency.

Make sure you DON’T have to use the au pair’s room to walk through to another room for any reason, such as taking out the trash or access for other storage space—or use the au pair’s room to store out-of-season clothes for your family.

The au pair can share a bathroom with other members of the household, including the children, but the bedroom should be a quiet, private place he or she can use to study, escape the stress of the day, or talk to family and friends.

When in doubt, think about whether you would be comfortable with your own child living in that room for a year. If you’re unsure whether the space you have is suitable for an au pair’s bedroom, ask your LCC or call us at 1-800-333-6056 for guidance.

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