April 23, 2014

Kids helping kids around the world

2 minutes
Cultural exchange

“It’s actually been proven scientifically that giving increases self-esteem and self-confidence. By witnessing their ability to help others locally or globally, kids realize they have the power to make a positive difference.”
                                               — Nancy Phillips, founder and president of DollarSmartKids 
This April, we are celebrating our first National Kids 4 Kids First Month, where members of the Cultural Care Au Pair community get their kids involved in raising money for children in need around the world. There are several events across the country that involve children helping to raise money for Kids First and learn about the importance of helping others.
Lucas, of Massachusetts, and his mom, Christy, held a “porch sale” by putting no-longer-used toys and kids’ items on their front porch and posting on a local mom’s forum that the items were available for a donation to Kids First. Although Lucas initially had a hard time letting go of some of his old toys, his mom explained that there were children in the world that didn’t have toys. Lucas was excited to help!
Ethan and Benjamin of Illinois attended an event with their au pair, Denise, that their mom Jessica had organized at a local deli. The restaurant donated proceeds from the day to Kids First and Cultural Care kids, au pairs and families enjoyed an afternoon together in support of children around the world.
There are several other events planned for this weekend:
Victoria in California will be holding an event at her school, leading a kids art sale. Kids at her school will make art pieces (like pictures and rainbow loom bracelets) and put them up for sale during recess for a week.
Marisha in Virginia and her group of au pairs and kids will be doing the ASK FunRun 5K for Kids First.
A group of local childcare consultants (LCCs) in Atlanta are holding a scavenger hunt and raising money for Kids First.
Houston-area LCCs along with au pairs, kids and families will host a fundraiser at a Fuddrucker’s Restaurant in Houston.
New Jersey LCCs have a Kids First event planned at the Turtleback Zoo for kids, au pairs and host families.
Lee Anna in CT has an event at Baskin Robbins planned for kids, au pairs and families for Kids First.
All money raised by kids during National Kids 4 Kids First Month will be donated to Save the Children. Cultural Care Au Pair matches every donation 100% and, currently, Johnson & Johnson is also matching donations 100% so every donation will go four times farther! You can find examples of how Save the Children helps children in need in the U.S. and around the world and just how far your fundraising will go on our Save the Children page. Even a small donation will make a big impact, will teach our children about the importance of giving back and will help children in need around the world.
“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”
                                               — Mohandas Gandhi, political and spiritual leader in India