February 26, 2020

Learning Spanish with an au pair

Hosting an au pair can help your children improve their language skills.

3 minutes
About au pairs

One of the biggest reasons our families love hosting au pairs is because they can help introduce their children to a new language! Often times, au pairs work with their host kids to teach them the basics of a new language and foster a sense of linguistic curiosity in them—this usually leads to a future where the children take language classes to build upon their foundation.

And we all know that speaking several languages can help enrich a child’s life, and set them up for success—both personally and professionally.

Of course, with Spanish being such a widely-spoken language, hosting an au pair that is fluent in Spanish is a very popular option. If you want your child to learn Spanish, and help introduce cultural exchange into your home, then hosting an au pair could be the right move for you.

Consider the story of Argentinian au pair Antonella (Anto), who has become a precious caregiver to her host kid Max.

Best of all, she has quickly become a part of the family—forming a strong bond with her host parents and community members as well.

“We knew from speaking with her previously, that she was warm, intelligent, funny, and a positive person,” says host mom Cara. “However, we never could’ve expected how integrated Anto would become in our family and our lives.”

“Her presence everyday has made all of our lives better, and our experiences more full,” says host dad Chris. “We have been extremely blessed to have had Anto in our lives for almost 2 years, and will cry real tears when she must leave—but we have and always will treasure all moments, big and small, that we have had with her.”

According to Cara and Chris, Argentinian au pair Anto has gone above and beyond to introduce their son Max to cultural exchange through songs, games, and helpful learning exercises. From singing Argentinian songs like “Saca las manitas” … to practicing counting in Spanish … to having fun at the park, it is clear that Anto has a full and deep love for their son.

They are also thrilled that Anto has helped Max learn Spanish in a way that feels very natural—and in a way that should hopefully inspire him to continue speaking it in the future.

“We are blessed that Anto has given Max the amazing gift of the Spanish language—something that is important to us, as we have extended family in Spain,” says Cara.

Anto continues to be a valuable resource for her host family even when she isn’t in the USA! On a recent trip with the family, Anto not only helped with Max, but she also looked out for Cara’s mother when it came to traveling and communicating.

You see, Cara’s mother has a few deadly food allergies—and when they were all together on their first international trip to Spain, Cara was constantly anxious about navigating the language in restaurants to ensure her mother would be safe.

Enter: Anto! Not only did Anto always check with the waitstaff bout the menu multiple times—ensuring that nothing would send Cara’s mother to the emergency room—she would be sure to ask multiple times until she received a definitive answer to their allergy questions.

“I am forever grateful for this simple yet critical task that kept my mother safe and alive and all of us at ease,” says Cara. “She does not need to do it, but we know that Anto is always looking out for us all, just as family does.”

Having an au pair who is part of the family is a wonderful thing; having one that will help you navigate Spanish culture and help your little one learn Spanish is a true blessing.

“I have told [Anto] many times …” says Cara. “I am a better mother because of her—and we are a better family for having her be a part of it.”