January 10, 2020

Meet Annabelle, a French au pair

See how a French au pair can open your child's world.

2 minutes
About au pairs

Annabelle, an au pair from France, is also a law student, guitarist and dance enthusiast.

Says Annabelle, “I am in my third year at University, and I have played guitar since I was 14 and have danced since the age of 4.” Host mom Farida was thrilled to have found such a multi-talented au pair who could not only share these talents with her children but also help them to practice their French. “My kids are bi-lingual, so for us, hosting French au pairs supports their knowledge of the language tremendously.”

When asked to describe herself, Annabelle shares, “I am serious, organized and determined. I respect rules, and I try to do better every time. I’m also very honest and trustworthy.” These traits—coupled with Annabelle’s thousands of hours of babysitting experience—are exactly what her host mom was looking for in a caregiver for her 4-, 3- and 2-year olds.

Annabelle feels equally lucky to have found her host family. “I had always taken care of three children in a same day, so having three little ones is perfect for me. My host kids are so cute and I love to have fun with them and make them smile. I definitely feel like I have a second family here in the U.S.”