January 20, 2020

Meet our 2020 Host Family of the Year!

We're proud to introduce the Aga-Phelan family from Colorado

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Cultural exchange

Cultural Care Au Pair is thrilled to announce that we have an official winner for our prestigious 2020 Host Family of the Year Award! They’re the Aga-Phelan family, and they’re from Colorado! You can read all about them in their au pair’s nomination essay, included below.

The Host Family of the Year Award is our special way of recognizing host families from around the world that make a difference in the lives of their au pair, truly welcoming them into their home and their heart. With hundreds of nominated families, our task to narrow it down to a pool of 15 finalists was very difficult. We want to thank and congratulate every one of our finalists and nominated families again—please know you are all winners in your own right.

This year, for the first time ever, our Host Family of the Year Award winner was determined by people like you—members of our Cultural Care Au Pair community! We are so excited that our finalists received so much support and so many votes throughout the process, and we hope you feel as proud of our incredible host families as we do.

Congratulations again to the Aga-Phelan family—and to all our candidates this year! Continue reading to learn more about our 2020 Host Family of the Year.

“When you make the decision to be an au pair, you have a million questions about what the next year of your life will be like, I knew that so many things would change but I never imagined that it would be the best decision I would make in life.

Every day upon waking I feel the blessing of having a true family, it is wonderful to have people who love you and value you, it is incredible as from the first day I arrived at our home, they made me feel that it was part of their life, this year has been full of wonderful moments, my family has allowed this experience to be unforgettable.

They are my support in this place, they always listen to me and allow me to share my experiences, my joys and my dreams. Derek, Jason, Camden and Colton have filled my life with magic. I am definitely another person. They have helped me overcome my fear of speaking in English. There have been very funny moments with the a lot of mistakes I have made, nobody imagines the embarrassing things I have said but thanks to them, to their love and dedication I have made great changes. Every new word they teach me how to write and its meaning. They evaluate me and reward me when I learn. Every weekend, they share activities that I can do to learn from their culture and invite me to share with their family and best friends. They create challenges for me with the goal of knowing our state of Colorado.

There are so many wonderful things that I could spend hours explaining why they are the best host family and I can summarize it in this I at this moment in my life. I can say that they are very important to me and thanks to them, this has been the best moment of my life. Now my main concern is to know that in a few months I must leave, because I love with all my soul these people who have filled my life with happiness. They deserve to receive the Host Family of the Year award. Any au pair who comes to this home will feel, happy, loved and in family.”

Looking for more information on how to become a host family? Learn more about Cultural Care Au Pair.