February 18, 2022

Meet our 2022 Host Family of the Year!

3 minutes
Cultural exchange

The Host Family of the Year contest provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate our amazing host families who go above and beyond in their role of welcoming an au pair into their family. This year, au pairs from around the world submitted hundreds of host family nominations and it was up to the Cultural Care community to pick a winner from the top 15 finalists.

We are so excited to share this news with you and celebrate our 2022 Host Family of the Year winners: The Grims family from Maryland!

You can read all about them in their au pair’s nomination essay, included below.

“My host family is a team of superstars, my host baby is the center of our universe, she is the magic of home. My host mom has multiple talents, she is a dancer, teacher, she is the best mentor and of course the best host mom. One of the greatest talents of my host dad is his culinary skills. He is also an expert in organizing any type of event and of course he is the best host dad. Their leadership motivates me to be better every day. They have taught me to connect with new people, explore new places, and embrace our cultures by involving me in their trips.

I will start by telling the story of how I realized that they were the ideal host family. On February 22 at midnight, I received an email from them and as soon as I started to read the message I felt in my heart that they are the right fit. I prepared a short presentation of my country in our first interview. We danced, played, and had fun without even having seen each other in person. I could sense that we had a great connection, especially when I saw my best friend Baby Bailey.

They were supportive since the beginning and they were open to learn more about my traditions and goals in life. Since that first time I spoke to them and saw Bailey, I realized this was meant to be!

They enjoy being good hosts, they made me feel like I was in Colombia. I noticed that there was a genuine bond between us, they have even shared calls with me and my family. In all areas of my life, I have felt their support, for example, in the professional field, we agree that we have similar interests. It has been very fun to see how they have made me part of their professional work and have taught me things that I am interested in learning.

I have attended dance and marketing classes with my host mom. We have traveled as a family to support my host dad’s work and accompany him in each of his successful events. However, the greatest lessons over my time as an au pair have come from my host baby. She is the one who has connected me like never before with my inner child, her smile brightens my days and teaches me daily to enjoy the simple things in life, with patience, love, and a lot of happiness.

What else could I ask for? They are perfect, they contribute so much to my personal and professional growth. Being with them has strengthened me, this is much more than I could have ever dreamed of before venturing into this experience. I feel infinitely grateful, they are the best and I love them very much. We are a family, we listen to each other, we understand each other, we take care of each other, we are united—WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.”