May 10, 2023

The story of 5 sister au pairs

Read the story of the Brazilian sisters who reunited in the USA

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About au pairs

Meet Thamilis, Thamara, Thainara, Thais, and Thalita Nascimento—5 sisters from the small town of Presidente Epitácio in Eastern Brazil. Thamilis came to the USA as an au pair in 2015 and joined a host family in South Carolina. She returned home to Brazil two years later and told her sisters about her amazing experience in the USA—and inspired all four siblings to follow in her footsteps.  

“Thamilis got here six years ago, Thâmara got here about two years ago, me and Thainara seven months ago, and Thalita, she’s here two weeks ago. So, this is just crazy!” —Thais, au pair in Colorado 

The Nascimento sisters come from a close-knit family with strong values, but their parents encouraged them to take the leap as au pairs in order to “grow, have new experiences, learn English and get back to Brazil and have better opportunities.” Luckily, through all the ups and downs of their years, the sisters have been there to support each other. 

“When you grow up with someone, especially sisters, and you’re used to the routine of seeing each other every day. When all of us got here, we were looking forward to seeing each other, but it wasn’t possible. It, man, it has been six years—six years since all five of us have been together, and I miss them a lot.” —Thâmara, au pair in Tennessee 

Recently, all 5 sisters finally reunited in Las Vegas and shared with us why they’re here and what they’ve learned.  

We hope you love their story as much as we do.