The truth about au pair childcare

July 16, 2014

“Only rich people can afford au pairs.” “An au pair is the same thing as a nanny.” “Au pairs are all women, and they’re all Swedish.” If you’ve heard any of these statements before, I wouldn’t be surprised. These are just a few of the myths that, despite growing interest in this type of childcare, still exist about au pairs.

The perpetuation of these and other common misconceptions about au pairs is a true shame because families who could benefit the most from the program are dismissing it as an options for all of the wrong reasons. In an attempt to set the record straight, we’ve put together a report entitled “The Truth About Au Pair Childcare” that will help families sort out what’s true and what’s not true about hosting an au pair. In the report, we expose and debunk the following au pair myths:

  • au pairs are expensive
  • anyone can be an au pair
  • an au pair is the same thing as a nanny
  • au pairs only provide childcare
  • au pairs work 9-5, Monday – Friday
  • all au pairs are Swedish
  • all au pairs are female
  • au pairs can only stay a year
  • hosting an au pair means living with a stranger in your home
  • once your au pair arrives, your family is all alone in making it work

Thousands of families across the country host au pairs every year with great success—many of whom had initial misconceptions about au pairs as well. We encourage you to download the report and learn the truth about au pair childcare. This knowledge will help you make an educated decision about whether the program might be a good solution for your family.



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