Top 5 easy homemade holiday gifts

December 10, 2012

1. Tartan holiday wreath

To learn how to make an adorable tartan holiday wreath, visit Sweet Paul’s winter magazine from last season. All you need is cardboard, strips of tartan fabric (or other material that you like) and a glue gun. Easy!

2. Vintage art caddy

An art caddy for your little ones is beautiful and functional! You can do it using old pie tins, candlestick holders, spray paint and glue like the ladies on

3. Vase cozies

Vase cozies are the perfect hostess gift with some flowers tucked inside. All you need to do to is recycle an old sweater by cutting off one sleeve and sliding it over a glass vase. Presto! For more detailed instructions, visit

4. Wine cork keychains

Wine cork key chains are very practical, especially for people who spend a lot of time on the water. Use old wine corks, screw eyes and a key ring to make your key chain. Paint stripes or other designs with acrylic paint or add beads for more pizzazz. You’ll find a simple tutorial on

5. Pom pom bookmarks

Pom pom bookmarks are a great present topper or small gift for anyone who loves to read. This version from Design Mom is simple enough to make in front of your favorite television Christmas special.

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