May 16, 2013

What can au pairs do—can they help with chores?

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About au pairs

One of the really great advantages about having an au pair is that they can help with chores related to your children—duties you would otherwise have to tackle in your own free time. Of course, au pairs should clean up after themselves as well. And because au pairs are considered “family members” you can expect they will chip in sometimes when extra household help is needed. However, the rules which govern this program do provide some limitations on what is appropriate and acceptable.

What can au pairs do

Au pairs can help with household chores related to the children. According to Cultural Care Au Pair’s policy, this includes:

As long as these duties are performed within their 45-hour a week and 10-hour per day limit, they are all reasonable tasks. An au pair should also be responsible for cleaning up after themselves by tidying their room, cleaning their bathroom (if they have her own), putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and keeping the car clean (if they have use of their own).

What au pairs can’t do

Au pairs should not be asked to do anything you wouldn’t expect your own teenage daughter or son to do on a regular basis (without compensation in the form of an allowance) or tasks that would be performed by outsourced cleaning people or a handyman. This includes:

Your au pair may surprise you by taking on one of these projects on their own from time to time, but to require them to fulfill these duties is not okay. It’s also not okay to offer your au pair additional money to complete any of these duties, no matter how willing they may be.

The “extra household help” you can expect from your au pair

You can also expect that your au pair will contribute to the household in ways that a family member would. If everyone in the family is expected to participate in a certain activity related to upkeep of the home, the au pair can be included as well. On occasion or when asked your au pair could help out by:

Again, your au pair should not be expected to fulfill these duties regularly; rather these are common tasks that should be shared by all adults living in the household.

Tips on getting household help from your au pair

Regardless of what household help you expect from your au pair, it’s helpful to consider the following: