September 20, 2019

What makes a good au pair agency?

3 factors to consider

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Families who decide to welcome an au pair and take advantage of the benefits of the program must choose an au pair agency to work with. And the role of an au pair agency is a big one, so you’ll want to choose carefully. Before you make a decision, it’s important to ask yourself: What makes a good au pair agency? The right organization should provide a great support network, excellent au pair training and the best matching resources.

1. An extensive support network
Welcoming a live-in childcare provider into your home is a big decision, so it’s important to choose an agency that provides a team of support throughout your experience. As a Cultural Care host family, you will work with a Matching Specialist to find the right au pair for your family. Our Account Service Team will help answer your questions and help you manage every part of the program including finances, extensions and visa registration. Your Customer Relations Manager will assist with any issues or concerns that may arise throughout the year. And your  Local Childcare Consultant (LCC) lives in your community and provides personalized, local support year-round for both you and your au pair.

2. Au pair preparation and training
Before our au pairs are accepted onto the program, they are carefully screened by Cultural Care staff in our overseas offices. Once they prepare to travel, they complete a pre-departure workshop and  an intensive online training program, including First Aid and CPR instruction.

They arrive to the U.S. with knowledge about childhood development, nutrition, and health as well as practical strategies for acclimating to a new country and communicating successfully with their host families.

3. Au pair matching: quantity and quality
A large pool of qualified au pairs is important and will give your family the opportunity to find a candidate with the experience, skills and personality you’re looking for. As the largest au pair agency with 30+ years of experience, we are able to attract the top au pair candidates from more than 20 countries around the world.

Another advantage we offer is an innovative matching platform designed to create quicker and higher quality matches. We require both au pairs and host families to create robust applications that help them get to know each other right away.

We’re excited to welcome you as a Cultural Care host family!

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