November 1, 2013
What to do with your leftover Halloween candy

Sometimes our trick or treating endeavors conclude with a pillow case of candy that’s larger than our kids themselves. From experience, time alone will not make all these sweets disappear, no matter how many you share.

Here are some ways to use up excess Halloween candy:

Host an ice cream sundae party! Chop up candy and use it as toppings or mix it in.

On to the next holiday—decorate gingerbread houses with leftover candy!

Revamp your dessert recipes! Dip chocolate-covered bananas and pretzels into peanut butter cups and chocolate bars, bake chocolate bars in your pies and cakes.

Play mad scientist! Use candy in science experiments.

Support others! Donate your candy to Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. or the Halloween Candy Buyback program and they will fill stockings and packages with your candy and send them to deployed troops.  Or find your local YWCA and donate your candy to kids who might not be able to celebrate Halloween.


Do you have any creative uses for leftover Halloween candy?  If so, please share them in the comments below! 

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