Family story: Dana & Obi


Dana and Obi, both working professionals, love having an au pair for two reasons. “We get help managing our busy lives and also gain a deeper understanding of another part of the world,” says Dana. Their second au pair, Paola, arrived from Mexico this past summer and has been essential to helping their household run more smoothly. And, she’s already found a great way to share her culture with the whole family. “We have ‘Mexican Monday’ dinners every week. Paola cooks wonderful food from her home country and we learn a new phrase in Spanish.”

On a typical weekday, Paola gets Gabriella, Alex and Nate up in the morning and makes sure they’re dressed and fed before driving them to school. She picks them up in the afternoon and shuttles them to all of their lessons, practices and appointments on time. Once they’re all home, Paola helps the kids with homework and plays games with them. Their favorite is the card game, Uno.

au pair driving
au pair playing with children

“Paola has truly become a member of our family,” Dana shares. “Because she is closer in age to our children, she is someone the kids can relate to and look up to. My daughter, in particular, is very attached to Paola and loves having a ‘big sister’.”

Dana recommends that families think carefully about their own values and what part they hope an au pair will play in their life. “Paola is our perfect fit.”

au pair combing childs hair