Live-in Childcare you can trust like family

Hosting an au pair offers more peace of mind and flexibility than most other options. Au pairs live in your home and become like a member of the family, providing culturally enriching childcare. To learn more about the steps of hosting an au pair watch our video below.

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See what our host families are saying:

“Flexible, in-home childcare is the main reason we have hosted au pairs because both of our families live thousands of miles away. We wanted our children to have a very close relationship with their childcare provider—as close as family.”

— Stephanie, host mom in MA

“Mayara’s arrival brought so much happiness and hope for us. Our children are the happiest they have ever been under her care because they respect her as an older adult, but also see her as someone they can have fun with and connect with socially.”

— Cindy, host mom in TX

“The au pair program is a stellar example of connecting people around the world and our own experience has been wonderful. Each au pair relationship is unique and life lasting. [Most recently] Anna joined our family of 5 and fit right in. This summer the kids had fun making traditional flower wreaths for Swedish Midsummer and we enjoyed sharing our traditions at Diwali and Halloween.”

— Meera, host mom in CA

“Karima is such an incredible blessing and addition to our family. She has seamlessly become part of our family, quickly moving beyond the role of simply a childcare provider to a big sister, showering our boys with love and attention, showing real interest in their development and taking initiative above and beyond what is expected of her. She has also been a champion of cultural exchange, successfully teaching us how to make authentic French crepes, herself learning how to make traditional American and Nigerian dishes. Our relationship with Karima is something we will cherish always.”

— Chieze, host mom in MA

“Marco is our superhero. In a year of amazing challenge, he regularly saves the day. He makes our three boys smile, and he is a powerful role model for what a man should be. Having an au pair has been an incredible gift to our family.”

— Debbi, host mom in CA

“Beyond the practical benefits of flexible, integrated childcare, hosting an au pair teaches our children that the world is larger and more diverse than our hometown. We love Italy and probably cook more Italian food now than we did before, but we have also learned many fun customs from Marta, including a visit from the Befana after Christmas and cracking our eggs at Easter.”

— Annie, host mom in MA

“We absolutely love our au pair and couldn’t imagine life without her. Childcare, family bonding, and cultural enrichment all in one shot. After struggling with daycare and babysitters, we no longer worry or stress. It’s amazing to have consistency!”

— Shannon, host mom in RI

The au pair matching process

We recommend that you register 2-3 months in advance of when you would like to welcome your au pair. The matching process can take several weeks, though it can also move more quickly if you are able to spend dedicated time each day to making connections with potential candidates.

1. Register online

  • Tell us about your family and childcare needs.
  • Enjoy full access to profiles for all available au pairs once you register.
  • Talk to your Matching Specialist about your family’s personality, schedule and household.
  • Start building your family profile to increase your chances of matching with your desired candidate.

2. Complete your family profile

  • The more information you provide about your family, the more likely au pair candidates will be interested in connecting with you.
  • All adults living in the home will need to pass a criminal background check and complete an in-home interview with your Local Childcare Consultant before you are able to confirm a match.

3. Interview au pairs

  • Contact those you are interested in speaking with to set up a video or phone interview.
  • Schedule follow-up calls with your favorite candidates and keep your Matching Specialist updated.
  • Your Matching Specialist can help with interview questions and finding additional candidates.

4. Choose your au pair

  • Congratulations, you’ve found an au pair! Ask them if they’d like to join your family.
  • Confirm your match with your Matching Specialist and select your au pair’s arrival date. We’ll get going on visa and flight arrangements from there!
  • Pick up your au pair at your preferred gateway, and welcome them into your home.

Covid safety

Au pairs arriving from outside of the U.S. must be fully vaccinated and show proof of a negative COVID test within 1 day of their flight. Limited exceptions apply, please see the CDC website for details.

Host families and au pairs are encouraged to discuss and mutually agree on the COVID safety measures that both parties will follow during their time together.