September 13, 2022

10 best group Halloween costumes

Ideas from our host families and au pairs

3 minutes
Advice for host families

One of the American holidays that au pairs look forward to celebrating most is Halloween.  They are excited about all of it—pumpkin carving, cider drinking, hay mazing and haunted housing—but their most important bucket list item will be to dress in costume and go trick-or-treating.

If you’re game to join them for this all-American tradition, wearing a group costume is a great way to include your au pair as part of your family. Here are some of our faves worn by our very creative Cultural Care program participants!

1. In-N-Out Burger staff 

Featuring: Argentinian au pair Irina with the Schussel family of CA. This crew looks ready to serve up some delicious fast food—either that, or take to streets for trick-or-treating!  

2. The shark family

Featuring: Colombian au pair Paola with the Grims family of Maryland. This easy-to-make group costume represents one of the world’s most popular YouTube videos and comes with its own catchy theme song. We’ll get you started: “Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo”. 

3. Favorite foods

Featuring: Brazilian au pair Bianca with the Rosario family of WA. This colorful ensemble represents many of the basic food groups—in fact, we think PB&Js should be in a category all their own!

4. Little Red Riding Hood

Featuring: Dutch au pair Laura with the Udani family of NC. This group does “classic fairy tale” so well. Their costumes are spot on, but their expressions are the best part of the whole look!

5. Skeleton crew

Featuring: Colombian au pair Maria with the Flores family of TX. There’s no doubt these five skellies belong together—we love their matching cozy costumes!

6. The Mario Bros

Featuring: Swedish au pair Emma and the Nolan family of Minnesota. Make any Halloween party a Mario party with the whole crew of the video game!

7. Toy Story

Featuring: Hungarian au pair Klaudia with the Miller family of CO. All of the major players are present for this group effort: say hello to Woody, Bo Peep, Jessie, and Buzz!

8. Tiger King

Featuring: Colombian au pair Laura with the Kornesczuk family of IL. Joe Exotic and his streak of tigers look ready for some serious candy collecting!

9. Harry Potter

Featuring: German au pair Lisa with the Novarr family of Virginia. The Hogwarts gang’s almost all here! We see Dumbledore, Dobby, Hedwig, Professor McGonagall, Hagart, Hermione—who’s your favorite?

10. Honey bee gang

Featuring: Mexican au pair Monserrat with the Tonelli family of CA. These trick-or-treaters are creating quite a buzz in their honey-bee-themed costume. They are just the sweetest! 

We hope these amazing group costumes will leave you inspired to celebrate Halloween with your family and au pair this season!