February 21, 2014

The truth about nanny shares

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Childcare options

Trying to find affordable childcare these days is a big challenge for many families. One of the newer trends that has emerged as the cost of childcare continues to rise is the idea of a nanny share. A nanny share is an arrangement where two or more families split the cost of one nanny who either cares for all of the children together or divides her time between the two families.

How do you find a nanny share?

Finding a nanny share can be more challenging than simply finding a nanny because of the extra family involved. On top of searching for a nanny, you need to find another family or families who want to share the nanny with you as well.  Some people find the nanny first and then look for a family to share with, while others start with another family and then look to hire a nanny together.

Either way, you may have to do a lot of searching and interviewing to find the right nanny and family for the nanny share. Your online resources can range from big national nanny finder websites to online neighborhood groups for parents. Do an online search for resources in your area, or ask your neighbors and friends for their recommendations. There are also forums and message boards where nannies or other families may post resumes or nanny job openings.

Benefits of a nanny share

What are the challenges of a nanny share?

The key to success

The key to success in a nanny share is ultimately lots of communication and honesty.  The more you can cover in advance of any conflict, the easier the relationship will be. Many families have great experiences with nanny shares, while some do not.  Do your research, trust your gut and then communicate as much as possible to pave the way for a great experience.

If you feel that organizing a nanny share is too much work or too inconvenient, or you can’t seem to find the right family or nanny to do the share with, you may want to consider other childcare alternatives like hiring your own nanny, or hosting an au pair. The cost of au pair childcare is competitive with the rates of nanny shares, depending on the number of hours of childcare you need. In addition to being affordable, au pairs provide flexibility in scheduling and cultural exchange. In the end, the highest priority is finding the right match for your family.