Costs associated with hosting a Cultural Care au pair include our agency fees and the weekly stipend paid directly to your au pair. Scroll below to review the details of the fees paid to Cultural Care and the au pair.


Annual Cost




Costs associated with hosting a Cultural Care au pair include our agency fees, which are paid before your au pair arrives and the stipend paid weekly directly to your au pair.


For easy comparison, we have calculated the average cost per month for you, though payments are not due on a monthly schedule. Scroll down to review more details about the payments and their timing.

Paid to Cultural Care Au Pair

Registration fee

Payment of the registration fee will allow you to register online, begin our personalized matching process and access our online database of available au pair profiles. Due at the time of registration.


Processing fee

Payment of the processing fee will secure your au pair match, allow us to process visa paperwork and reserve flights. Due upon final selection of your au pair.


Program fee

Program fee includes recruitment and screening, Training School, matching services, orientation, round-trip international airfare, travel medical insurance coverage and year-long support from your Local Childcare Consultant. Due 30 days prior to au pair's arrival.


Paid to your au pair

Au pair weekly stipend

You will pay your au pair directly a minimum stipend of $195.75 each week. During the first year, you'll pay for 51 weeks including two weeks of paid vacation. Host families and au pairs are free to discuss and agree to compensation higher than the required weekly stipend minimum of $195.75; however, this cannot be in exchange for the au pair exceeding the regulatory limits on working hours (10 hours per day; 45 hours per week) or performing duties beyond childcare-related tasks.

Weekly Minimum of $195.75

Payment plans & discounts

We also offer payment plans and have discounts for both new and repeat families.

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Extended Payment Plan (EPP)

Host families must host au pair for a minimum of 44 weeks to be eligible for the extended payment plan. *Payment through our Extended Payment Plan is accepted by eCheck only.

Installment 1


+ $200 enrollment fee

Due 30 days prior to your au pair’s arrival

Installment 2


+ $50 administrative fee + domestic transportation fee less any program fee discounts

Due 2 months after your au pair’s arrival

Installment 3


+ $50 administrative fee

Due 4 months after your au pair’s arrival

Installment 4


+ $50 administrative fee

Due 6 months after your au pair’s arrival