the au pair

Au pairs are young adults from overseas who live with you as a family member and provide an enriching cultural exchange experience and help with childcare. Families gain peace of mind knowing their children are well-cared for and loved by someone who becomes like an older sibling.

Benefits of hosting an au pair:

Au pairs provide up to 45 hours
of care per week

They become a trusted and
loving caregiver

They live with you
as a family member

Children are exposed to different
cultures and languages

Au pair screening, training,
and travel

Dedicated year-long
local support

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“Having made a change from working with a wonderful, long-time nanny, we didn’t quite know what to expect. But we’ve had a fantastic, 10/10 first experience with our au pair and Cultural Care. Everything from the match experience to navigating our au pair’s arrival during Covid was carefully and thoughtfully handled. Alex became a part of our family so quickly. Our son was enamored with her instantly: one of the first activities they did together was build an entire city out of cardboard. Our daughter, slower to warm, bonded with her gentle approach and caring, affectionate nature. Her impact on us all has been tremendous.”

— Dria, host mom in NJ

“Beyond the practical benefits of flexible, integrated childcare, hosting an au pair teaches our children that the world is larger and more diverse than our hometown. We love Italy and probably cook more Italian food now than we did before, but we have also learned many fun customs from Marta, including a visit from the Befana after Christmas and cracking our eggs at Easter.”

— Annie, host mom in MA

“We absolutely love our au pair and couldn’t imagine life without her. Childcare, family bonding, and cultural enrichment all in one shot. After struggling with daycare and babysitters, we no longer worry or stress. It’s amazing to have consistency!”

— Shannon, host mom in RI

“Marco is our superhero. In a year of amazing challenge, he regularly saves the day. He makes our three boys smile, and he is a powerful role model. Having an au pair has been an incredible gift to our family.”

— Debbi, host mom in CA

“After initially starting with nanny care, we turned to Cultural Care Au Pair so that we could have an au pair live with us as part of our family. Laura joined our family over 2 years ago to care for our then 1-year-old twins. Laura has helped them to see joy in the world from music and dancing to coloring and art to playing in the park. With Laura’s guidance, they have great vocabulary, having learned English and Spanish.”

— David, host dad in FL

“Karima has seamlessly become part of our family, quickly moving beyond the role of simply a childcare provider to a big sister and showering our boys with love and attention. She has also been a champion of cultural exchange, successfully teaching us how to make authentic French crepes. Our relationship with Karima is something we will cherish always.”

— Chieze, host mom in MA