Au Pair vs. Nanny vs. Daycare

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's more challenging than ever to find a good childcare solution for your family. Hosting an au pair offers more peace of mind and flexibility than most other options. Au pairs live in your home and become like a member of the family, providing culturally enriching childcare. In times like these, families can feel comfortable knowing their children are well-cared for.

If you weigh the pros and cons of an au pair versus daycare or a nanny, you may be surprised! Au pairs provide the best of both worlds - the individual attention and convenience families are looking for at an affordable cost.

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Disadvantages of Daycare

  • High cost and “per child” rates
  • Inflexible hours and expensive late fees
  • High child-to-staff ratio
  • Long waitlists
  • Lack of coverage when children are sick
  • Tendency to expose children to colds and other illnesses

Disadvantages of Nannies

  • High cost and salary variability
  • Lack of quality candidates
  • Lack of a qualified agency in the area
  • Lack of night or weekend coverage
  • The hassle of verifying her legal work eligibility
  • Absence of a back-up plan if she falls ill or quits

Benefits of hosting an au pair:

Au pairs provide up to 45 hours
of care per week

Au pairs provide a unique opportunity to share different cultures and languages

Your au pair lives with you as a family member

Au pairs become a trusted and loving caregiver in line with your parenting style

Au pairs are carefully screened and complete training courses before they travel to your home

Cultural Care supports your family all year long with a Local Childcare Consultant in your area

What our families are saying…

The Stupl family, CA
“We were originally on the fence between a daycare, and an au pair. We are very glad that we chose an au pair. Since coming to live with us and take care of Eric, Alyssa has sought out library story times on her own, helped us find the best parks in the area, and has identified some excellent local enriching activities for toddlers. Most importantly, Alyssa has become our son’s best friend. When she makes him laugh, it is pure joy to watch!”
The Prieto family, PA
“Whether she is concocting a way to have my husband return early from a trip to arrange a surprise for my birthday, preparing Argentinian food for us to share, or just hearing her say “Hola Maxi!”, Anto is constantly looking for ways to infuse joy into our family. I have told her many times, I am a better mother because of her, and we are a better family for having her be a part of it.”
The Jung family, WA
“We are so grateful and thankful that Paloma has joined our family. We are so fortunate to have such a thoughtful and wonderful au pair with us. She is truly apart of our family. We have shared with multiple other Seattle families to join Cultural Care Au Pair because of our wonderful experience with Paloma.”
The Overbaugh family, KS
“Welcoming an au pair into our home was a nerve-wracking initial experience, but we couldn’t be happier with how well it’s worked out. My husband and I both have demanding jobs, but Judith takes away so much stress since we know our precious daughters are getting the best care possible from her.”