the au pair

Au pairs are young adults from overseas who live with you as a family member and provide culturally enriching childcare. Families gain peace of mind knowing their children are well-cared for and loved by someone who becomes like an older sibling.

Benefits of hosting an au pair:

Up to 45 hours of care per week on a schedule you decide

An extra driver to transport kids to activities

Help with household duties related to the children

An extended member of your family and parenting team

Exposure to a different culture and language

A big sister or brother figure for your children

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The largest selection of au pairs

Cultural Care Au Pair has the largest number of available candidates, all of whom must undergo a multi-step screening process. Meet some of our au pairs below:

Andrea, 25, from Mexico
“I enjoy taking care of children because they are fun, real, and always smart. They are also learning new things about life every day, so I enjoy being part of that. I think all people matter—we’re all in the same world for a reason. The most special people in my life are my family and I hope to be a part of another one soon!”
Laryssa, 23, from Brazil
“I decided to become an au pair because since I was 9 years old, when my mother put me in an English course, I fell in love with the language. And over time, this wonderful country—it’s not just a place but a dream. I have all the love, affection and dedication to take care of your children and I will always do my best to have a good relationship at work and as a family.”
Natálie, 20, from Czechia
“I am a responsible, friendly, active person and if you ask my friends about my personality, they would probably say that I am cheerful, loving and I always try to be helpful. I would like to cook for you traditional Czech dishes, which you certainly never had. I believe I will build as strong relationship with your little ones as I have with my sister!”
Ana, 24, from Brazil
“I always had many dreams: go to college, learn new languages, experience new cultures and places, build my house and have a family. One day I will make all these dreams come true. I decided to start by becoming an au pair to improve my English and take care of children—it’s something I really like.”
Syrine, 18, from France
“I am very, very happy and grateful to have this opportunity. I love to discover new cultures and I hope to discover this with you! Throughout my young life I have always cared for children and I have always loved them. I think that sometimes you can learn a lot about life from them. They breathe the joy of life and fun and it is a pure happiness.”

What our host families are saying

Choosing childcare is no easy decision. Because as parents, we don’t ever want to compromise on quality, flexibility, and trust when finding care for the most important people in the world. Hosting a Cultural Care au pair gives thousands of families across the country those very important benefits.

“Cultural Care Au Pair made it easy to find a wonderful fit for our family and Giuli has been incredible. With her, we have achieved some work-life balance in our lives by having more flexibility. I’ve told others, it was like letting a little air out of the balloon—there’s no longer so much pressure on my shoulders all the time.”

— Rachel, host mom in NY

“Marco is our superhero. In a year of amazing challenge, he regularly saves the day. He makes our three boys smile, and he is a powerful role model. Having an au pair has been an incredible gift to our family.”

— Debbi, host mom in CA

“Our au pair Laura joined our family over 2 years ago to care for our then 1-year-old twins. Laura has helped them to see joy in the world from music and dancing to coloring and art to playing in the park. With her guidance, they have great vocabulary, having learned English and Spanish.”

— David, host dad in FL

“Having a global family means that our children will grow up with a bigger view of the world! Our goal is for our kids to grow a global mindset, hearts of service, and to embrace all cultures.”

— Nicole, host mom in CA

“Karima has seamlessly become part of our family, quickly moving beyond the role of simply a childcare provider to a big sister, showering our boys with love and attention and showing real interest in their development. She has also been a champion of cultural exchange, successfully teaching us how to make authentic French crepes.”

— Chieze, host mom in MA

“We like that we know our children’s caregiver intimately and have more oversight in the care provided. What we didn’t anticipate was that having an au pair would also allow our children much needed sleep (drastically improving their moods) and a huge sense of security. Hosting Isa has been the greatest decision we have ever made!”

— Ellen, host mom in OH

“As two parents with full time, demanding careers, having an au pair has made all the difference for us. Having reliable, in home childcare with an au pair has allowed us to be the best at both work and at home with our baby. Additionally, it has been so fun getting to know our au pair, about her culture, and about her own family.”

— Ashmi, host mom in CA

We are here to help you

During your search for an au pair, your Matching Specialist will work with you to find candidates for you based on your criteria or simply act as a resource for help or advice. After you’re matched with an au pair, you’ll have support throughout the year from your Local Childcare Consultant (LCC) and Account Manager. 

Matching Specialist
Your Matching Specialist is responsible for helping you find and interview au pair candidates until you find your final match. They will talk with you to understand your family’s specific needs, search for candidates on your behalf, and guide you through the matching and interview process.
Local Childcare Consultant (LCC)
Your LCC is a Cultural Care representative who lives in your community and supports you and your au pair during the year. Your LCC will complete an in-home interview with your family before your au pair arrives, conduct an orientation after your au pair’s arrival to your home, and check in with you on a monthly basis. They may also help with the matching process.
Account Manager
Your Account Manager is available to answer all general questions about the program—including those related to your registration, au pair match, finances, host family account U.S. State Department regulations, and more.

General questions

What is an au pair?

An au pair is a young adult aged 18-26 from overseas who lives with an American family on a legal visa for up to two years. While in the U.S., they provide childcare support in exchange for living as a part of your family, room and board, and support towards their required academic studies. Au pairs travel to the US and become a part of your family while also having the opportunity to travel and truly experience life in the United States.

What’s the difference between an au pair and nanny?

Many people use the terms ”au pair” and “nanny” interchangeably, but there are some important distinctions to make between the two. First, an au pair, by definition, is a young person from overseas who joins an American family to care for their children. They travel on a legal, one-year cultural exchange visa through a designated au pair agency. Au pairs are live-in caregivers who initially commit to a one-year stay but have the opportunity to extend their time in the U.S. for 6, 9 or 12 months. Their working hours and conditions are regulated by the U.S. Department of State.

Au pairs have at least 200 hours of experience (usually many more) as babysitters, tutors, kindergarten assistants, camp counselors and sports instructors. All au pairs attend a training program before joining their American host families. They are excited to join an American family and immerse themselves in American culture.

The term “nanny” on the other hand, is a more general term that can be used to describe both professionally trained caregivers and those with less formal experience.

Should I get an au pair?

Hosting an au pair has been an amazing experience for many American families, but the program is not right for everyone! You should consider hosting an au pair if the following statements are all true:

  • You are looking for a reliable, flexible, and consistent caregiver for your kids.
  • You are excited about welcoming a young person from abroad into your family, sharing American culture with them, and supporting them throughout their stay in the U.S.
  • You are willing and able to provide a private bedroom, at least three meals a day, and other amenities to make their stay more comfortable.
  • You are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and so is your partner (if applicable).
  • All adults living in your household would pass a criminal background check.
How much does an au pair cost?

Most families find the cost of hosting an au pair to be comparable to daycare or nannies on an annual basis. Though payments are not made monthly—and host families may agree with their au pairs to pay a higher weekly stipend amount than the required minimum—for easy comparison, au pair program costs average out to about $1,775 per month. As a host family, you may also incur additional costs, such as room and board for your au pair, additional insurance (if applicable), and any other “extras” that will help make your au pair’s time in the U.S. more enjoyable.

Can we get an au pair at any time during the year? 

Yes, Cultural Care Au Pair arranges for au pairs to arrive in groups almost every week out of the year.